As we know that if there is no wall decoration, we can not get a perfect interior decoration for our homes. There is no limit for wall decoration whether using painting or wall papers. A new idea to decorate walls are designed by interior designers to improve the look of the wall decoration. Among all these kinds of decoration, fabric wall decoration is a very simple and common way to decorate walls giving the classical looks. Varieties of fabric wall arts are used to decorate wall of in your home. To create the fabric wall decoration, carpets and rugs are used to make a pretty design using fabrics. The most important thing to remember is that the fabric wall decoration have to match of color, texture and theme of whole house decoration when you are designed to decorate with fabric items for your wall decoration.

Here are some tips to make your own design fabric art wall decoration;

Firstly,you have to try to choose large-scale fabric in the shop and go to your local art supply store to buy a wood frame made for stretching canvas. Measure and cut your fabric to a size which is larger than your frame; you will need enough fabric to wrap back around the frame. Then, iron the fabric and wrinkles will show. You can organize position of the fabric the way you like and use a staple gun to tack down. Before you staple, you have to make sure that you pull the fabric very tight because it can make your fabric art neat and tidy. Next step is you have to trim off any extra fabric that hangs past the inner edges of the frame. To tuck down the corner, you have to fold the extra fabric pulling very tightly and tuck it. Now, you create you own design of fabric wall art.


Here is a video which can show you how to do fabric wall decoration in easy way. Enjoy your fabric decoration!!!