Decorating your home with Asian simple style

Many people are more stressful and less relaxation in their lives, they are looking forward to simplify their atmosphere by redecoration their home in special way. They are becoming exposed to many decoration styles around the world but Asian styles is one of more popular decoration style. Moreover, Asian home decoration style is designed to balance the space, peace and unique atmosphere in your home to bring full relaxation for your mind and body.Most people have many difficulties when they have to decorate or redecorate their home in new way. Some people love to decorate their homes to be unique, elegant and unique way but they don’t know how to do it. Designing your home following the simple tips how to decorate with Asian decoration styles is the best way to have a perfect atmosphere in your home.

Here are some tips which can help decoration of your home with Asian style.

  • Choose your home color foundation first before you decorate your home with other things. In Asian houses, several colors are dominate such as golden, red, green, gray and tan. Most of Asian style designs are emphasized on natural colors tone. So, you should be careful not to use over messy color mixture in your house. Red is the most dominant color which can bring good luck in Chinese culture.


  • If you are thinking about adding textures in your home, natural materials can help your home looks different. Bamboos, rice papers and natural rocks are very necessary for decorating Asian style home. Japanese decoration, Shoji room dividers which are wooden frames with lattice designs, pictures frames, bamboo candles and fountains with rock gardens decoration are perfect decoration styles of Asian home.


  • Adding natural plants in your home can one of the decoration of Asian interior design. Bamboo plants in small or large pots are designed with tassels are also a good decoration for your bathroom and living room  and it is a quick way to design your home in inexpensive way.
  • Asian Art pieces and sculptures are very popular decoration items nowadays. Choose a centerpieces only that can make impressions for your home.
  • Wall decoration is also one kind of important consideration for Asian style. Chinese written symbols can help your simple wall decoration to be attractive.Japanese style decoration can sometime make your home great by hanging for the doorways of your room.

  • As Buddhist religious is a strong influence for Asian decoration, you should try to add wooden Buddha statues for your book shelves or on the coffee tables. This Buddha images will create peace and serene environment around your sweet home.
  • Finally, Asian culture is characterized by minimalistic culture. Do not over cover your home with many Asian accents. Trying to use handcrafted and natural material is suitable with Asian style decoration image. Chose your favorite Asian style of art pieces and furnishing and design them following your emotion and this simple tip.