Most people love to live in a large home, large room or a large space. Some people love to live in a small apartment because that is the best way for them to survive. However, whatever your space is large or small, you can enjoy your home even a small space by designing with your own designs decoration.  They think that living in a smaller room is more beautiful and practical than living in a larger room because they do not need to be tired of taking care of their larger spaces. If you are looking forward to live in a cozy or intimate space, try to use soft, warm tones, dramatic lighting and shiny decoration pieces can create your private beautiful atmosphere in you small spaces.

This post can help you how to organize your small spaces decoration;

Planning your interior design and your budget

Planning is always very necessary thing for designing you own small spaces. By planning, you can know exactly what do you want to do in your home and you should draw the draft of the layout of the room or wall colors plan. And also, you should consider your budget how much you can spend for your furniture requirements and wall decoration. Therefore, you can know exactly your spending budget and the designs of your small space by planning on the paper.


Structural Elements

  • Built Ins: By creating a bookcase within your wall or cabinet in your closet, the floor space is not compromised and the room offer more functionality.
  • Doors: Try to remove your doors because it can make your small rooms to get more fresh air and look bigger. Replace there with beautiful curtains on your doorways.
  • Mirrors: Adding mirrors on the opposite site of your wall to enhance the refined look of small spaces and it also make the space look larger.
  • Clutter: Remove excess clutter from the small spaces and organize it behind the sight. So, the space is open and airy .


Keep in your mind large furniture does not suit with small space before you start to design your own small spaces. The size of furniture needs to be balance with its belonging. For example, instead of using big table in your small kitchen, replace it with small table to get more space for your home.




Use classical wall colors especially green or yellow as they will open up the space and your small spaces will look more refine. Whereas you can use dark or warm colors make a space feel cozy and intimate too.


Any room will look bigger if it can get enough natural sunlight or artificial lighting. Lighting can support the spaces to be nice by placing it near walls to reflect glow.

These tips are enough to have larger look of your small spaces to have a larger classical decoration.