Livingstones in your living room


Have you ever seen this kind of stone furniture in your friends house? I am sure about that when you first see this furniture you will think it is too heavy or hard stone to sit. Acturally, it is not because it is a very comfortable, soft and fluffy on touch furniture for you and your children to sit and sleep on there. Livingstones are designed by French designer  Stephanie Marin who got an idea to creat the look of stones and his ideas are very incredibly to bring nature elements in your homes while conserving reasources.


The texture stones look so real stones using cushion, soft clusters of natural felted wool and the woven straitions gives the feeling of sitting on a natural stone softly.There are series of stone furniture which are couches, cushions, footstools, tables and chairs all resembling stones and pebbles. All of Marin’s series of livingstones furniture are eco-friendly products and are nice to have fun change of  furniture using livingstones series of furniture. You can not only feel sitting on real stones beside the rive side in your homes but also can cover your unwashed laundry underneath of livingstones. For further collections of Marin’s furniture, check at Smarin Design